Who shall I Hit next?

Have you ever had a dream about hitting someone? I have, but I can’t, actually hit anyone that is, I keep trying but it won’t happen, is it because I am too kind or that I don’t actually want to hurt anyone, I don’t think that I am too kind.

One dream that kept repeating itself for many years, actually whilst I was working, so that could have something to do with it. I probably wanted to hit many people who wouldn’t listen to me when I was teaching them computer stuff.

The bits that I remember are the actual task of trying to hit someone, it was like slow motion my arm came up to slap or punch someone then it would go so slow that the hand or fist never got to it’s target, ever. I got very frustrated even in my dream, when I woke up I didn’t even know who it was I wanted to hit, so then I’d get frustrated all over again.

I actually shot my Dad in one of my dreams, I was standing at the front door in Stratton Walk, Harold Hill, Romford.

Mum, Dad and my two youngest brothers were standing with them and I was taking a photo of them all, out of the dream I actually do have the photograph (as shown above) so that bit was real, back in the dream, after taking the photo I looked up and I’d shot my Dad, who screamed at me that I had shot him. I looked at my camera which was actually a gun.

That was one wild dream, and it was a long time ago, but every time I see that photo it triggers the dream. I still think that the day that photo was taken was the day I really wished that I was adopted and that my real parents would come and get me!

It’s not all bad because, when I try to kick a football in a dream (why would I even be doing that?) I can’t do that either, weird or what!

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