Paralysed with Fear!

I think we all know that we are paralysed when we go to sleep, if you didn’t know this then I’m sorry to spring this one on you, but it is true, look it up if you don't believe me.

It really frightened me when I found out that I had to ‘pass out’ to be able to sleep, it didn’t help that I had been having trouble sleeping (another story) so this thought made it worse for me to drift off.

This is me at a party, where I slept through most of it, the family were not impressed, if they knew why I was asleep at a party they would be even less impressed. Naughty Cathy! (yet another story!)

I had to look it up, about being paralysed when you slept, because I had a few experiences where I knew I was awake.

At one timeI was in bed and I could see my partner in bed beside me, but when I tried to reach out to tell him I felt weird I couldn’t, I couldn’t even move my fingers, I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t even move my head, but my eyes were open and I could see everything in the room, or so I thought!

I’m really not sure but it happened quite a few times so I kept delving deeper each time it happened to me, I never did get to the bottom of it, was I asleep or awake?

Could I really see everything or was it just my imagination?

Why couldn't I even moan, I have certainly been told that I talk in my sleep, so that bit is definitely not paralysed.

The main reason we are paralysed when we sleep is so that we don’t act out our dreams, like killing someone I suppose or even hitting someone. I still hate having a knife or scissors in my bedroom, just in case.

Why are we paralysed? Why can’t we move? If our dreams are not true why would we be unable to move? You can look up all of these things on the internet but they really don’t tell you a lot, they just keep repeating themselves, a bit like a bad dream really.

One of the silliest dreams I have is when I wake up, get dressed, do something ordinary like make a cup of tea, then I wake up, get dressed and actually make a cup of tea, what is going on there?

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