….....Then we dream.

We don't choose our dreams, they are completely random, it doesn't matter what we are worried about, what has been on our mind all day, month, year long. They are random.

We don't choose who is in our dream, what age they are, if they are dead or alive, they too are random.

We dream in colour, vivid colour to some, black and white like and old film to others. That too is random, some don't even remember if it's in colour or not.

We might be able to drive, swim, sing or dance in our dreams. In real life we can't do any of those things or maybe one or two, how come we are so good at all the things we do in dreams?

We might even hit someone or kill them in our dreams, which we would never, in a million years, do in 'Real Life'.

Do babies and dogs really have dreams, do they dream about babies and dogs?

We have weird dreams sometimes, all of us, but we can also have the most mundane dreams that really don't have any ulterior motive at all.

We can't choose who we are born to, what religion or colour we are going to be. So maybe it's the same with dreams.

We can even have the same dream more then once, more than many even, so is this where 'Deja Vu' comes from.

We can 'in real life' visit places that we have never been to before but we know our way around and which shops are where.

We can meet people that we have never met before yet we know exactly how they speak and exactly what they would sound like if they spoke to us.

I know we can go back to the beginning and say “Why are we here?” of even “What Purpose are we on this earth for?”

We might never find the answer in our lifetime. We are only here for about 90 years, give or take. If we are unlucky enough for our minds and bodies to desert us, we might get some kind of dementia, but do we still have the same dreams we have had all our lives?

Here is my favourite dream of all time......

It was a normal day, there are clear skies with fluffy white clouds, I’m an indiscriminate age, I could be seventeen or thirty seven, I’m now living in Basildon where I haven’t lived in years, I am now walking down the road where we, as a family, used to watch the yearly Basildon Carnival go past, it started in 1958 and is still going in the 2000’s, with floats of everything ranging from costumed capers from schoolchildren, to the Flying Gunners, Royal Artillery Motorcyclists, to my own mum in the Country and Western Float of Mums C&W Club, where she learned to make dresses and outfits for the cowboys and Indians and taught line dancing to all and sundry.

I’m here on my own but my very large family is fairly close by, I’m fine on my own so I walk up the mound where you can get a good view, it’s only a small mound, not a hill or anything like it, but I’m glad I got there early to get that good view.

There are not many people around me but that is ok by me because I don’t want to be crowded. I don’t really know how long I have been standing here or why I am here at all because it’s not carnival time, I look around me, nothing going on here, so I look up to the blue of the sky.

I must have been standing there for a couple of minutes when, all of a sudden, the Red Arrows come across the sky, my favourite enjoyment of all time is going to air shows, mainly to take photographs, even though I know I will only get tiny specks in the sky on my prints, but I haven’t got any of my cameras here with me today, phones with cameras haven’t been invented yet, yes I did think that, think of the money I would be worth had I had this dream twenty years ago. Not to worry I really don’t need a camera with this glorious thing that is going to happen, in the middle of Basildon too.

I carry on standing there on that mound for a while longer, I look around and there are now hundreds of people looking up to the sky waiting for the Red Arrows apparently.

As I’m watching and waiting for the Red Arrows to appear again, I look to the left and see another plane coming across the sky, it was the Vulcan, yet another beautiful plane and one of my favourites of all time. It goes past me with a roar so loud that I laughingly nearly fall off the mound, it’s really funny because I did notice that, with all of those people around me I can only hear the noise of the engine, I also notice that there is no traffic, maybe they have shut the roads like they do for the Southend On Sea Airshow every year.

The blue sky is still there and I haven’t even had lunch yet so it must still be early in the day. Hang on a minute, I look further into the sky beyond the Red Arrows, who have appeared again, and even beyond the Vulcan, just a bit beyond those are the Utterly Butterly team of wing walkers, strutting their stuff atop the lovely bi-planes. The thought never crossed my mind that there could be an accident with all that aircraft up there at the same time, it was just so wonderful to be here on a day like today.

A while later I’m still standing there, the sky above is still blue, everything is still flying around, wow what a show, I look even further beyond everything flying around and it gets a bit darker up there, I see something else beyond, it’s a spitfire or two, maybe three or ten, roaring across the sky beyond anything else, I think the Spitfires have bombs on, I’ve no idea why maybe it’s the war. They go over us all peacefully so I stop worrying or even thinking about war.

My neck is really aching at this point but I’ve got to keep looking in case I miss something, this is normal for me at air shows. I did what I have done since I was a baby and blinked a couple of times, this means that I am taking photographs with my mind and that in turn, means that I won’t ever forget what I am seeing at this moment.

While I am doing the blinking I see beyond the Spitfires. The sky is now getting a bit darker, it’s almost dusk up there, down here it’s still nice and warm and sunny, then I hear it before I see it, it’s Concorde, the most magnificent passenger plane ever made, my smile is getting wider and wider. Behind Concorde there are about twenty passenger planes from all companies, Virgin being the most posh and biggest planes ever. The time lag in years between all of these aircraft didn’t even occur to me. So many different years in one place, "in my dreams" I say to myself. This is when I realise that I can tell when I am actually in a dream, rather than real life. Since this dream I have always been able to tell myself that I am dreaming, which means that I can stay in bad dreams instead of waking up frightened.

It doesn’t stop there though, beyond the passenger planes the sky starts getting a lot darker, with stars twinkling above everything else. Then I see it, a Tupolev Tu-144 a supersonic military aircraft quickly followed by a second one, but they were gone before I could say a word to anyone. I’m not even sure anyone else can see what I’m seeing but I’m much too interested in not missing a single thing to even talk to anyone.

By now it’s starting to get dark down here too, now there were thousands of people standing around me, I didn’t know any of these people, with my family now hundreds of miles away from me. That didn’t matter though because I was happier than I’ve ever been in my life, I didn’t want this to ever end.

It doesn’t stop there either, as I’m looking beyond all of the aircraft up in the sky I see a very large, very round plane that is now called a ship, it’s the Millennium Falcon from the films Star Wars, it is massive and it is certainly real, it also has all the little star fighters flying around it, there must be at least a hundred but they are friendly, I can see the men inside smiling, a couple of the pilots even waved to me.

I look down to the mound that I am standing on and then…….

I wake up

But what if I didn’t wake up? How long was I dreaming? Why did it just stop there?

Again what is dreaming? How can animals dream? How can babies dream if they haven’t any experience of life?

I haven’t done a lot of digging on the internet about dreams, although I have, over the years, looked up the meaning of dreams, so I’m going to stop now to trawl the internet to look up about dreaming…….

p.s. all the photographs on here are my own and can be found on the site for sale or maybe even as freebies.

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