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The need to put this down in writing is driving me crazy, whether it be a need, desire, craving or simply want, it really doesn't matter, it's driving me nuts!

I think I suffer from Insomnia, in fact I know that I suffer from Insomnia.

The thinking part comes from the fact that, as soon as my head hits the pillow a little door in my brain opens. My eyes close, well my eyelids go down I know that, my eyeballs stay exactly where they were when my eyes were open, in the seeing position.

I think all day long, so why would I want to think of the things I think when I want to sleep.

I'm tired, I work hard at thinking, I want to go to dreamland, I love dreaming, I need my dreams, without them I can't write this now can I?

The more I think about my Theory the more I'm convinced that I am right.

A different idea about dreaming, a different way of looking at dreaming, my own theory about dreaming is that whether we are in bed asleep, in a car accident, any type of accident at all that will actually kill us, an illness that kills us, in a coma which we don't come out of, any of these reasons points to two questions:

  • Do we, for any of the instances above, actually go into a dream?

  • When we die what actually happens to us?

For all of us, dreaming or death doesn’t take into consideration our age, our wealth, our health, our religion, our politics, our family, how good or bad we have been in life and what we actually believe about dreams and dying.

We are not on this earth for very long, some don’t even make it to one hour, so why let them come here at all. Some are here for over one hundred years, so why let them come here at all. But we are told that everyone dreams.

This idea, although very different from what I had ever read, came to me one afternoon not too long ago, in fact it was whilst I was telling a neighbour about a dream I had, which led me to other dreams I had had previously, which, in turn, reminded me of the stories I tell when someone else is telling a story and it reminds you of your own memories.

Not everyone remembers their dreams, although studies have shown that everyone dreams, even if they don't remember them.

I remember all of my dreams, well most of them anyway, in fact, my dreams are in amazing colour, I also have many dreams a night, I know when I am in a dream mostly, especially when the dreams are weird, unusual or frightening, which means that I can calm myself down and know that I can awake at any time because I am actually dreaming, sometimes I even smile to myself in my dream, but no one has ever asked me, in my dream of course, why I am smiling at something awful that is happening, as it is usually in a nightmare that my smiling happens.

Even animals dream, babies dream but what on earth do they dream of, they haven’t any experience of life so how can they have dreams like we do when we have had many years of living.

I have even had a dream that my Lhasa Apso dog Bailey finally spoke to me in English (obviously! although she is from Tibet so it took her a long time to learn English).

It is also about Dying.

Throughout time there have been many different ideas about dying, it could be our religion, our own beliefs, our colour, our upbringing but not one of these ideas have ever been proven, never, ever.

I know that not everything has to be proven, seen or touched for it to be true, take, for instance, clouds, they are not solid, we can see them but we can't touch them, they give us something that is not really there, rain, it's wet, but then it disappears. Once this tiny seed was planted in my brain it just started to grow all on it's very own, without any help from me whatsoever.

Every night, whether I sleep or not, this theory starts nagging at me to write it all down.

You can be religious or not, you can be spiritual or not, you can have your own God or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it could be true or it could be complete hokum.


It could be truly true.

Who is to say it doesn't happen, who can disprove it, not science, not religion, not anyone.

But, no one can disprove that there is a Heaven or, indeed, a Hell, that counts in whatever religious factor you are in.

Do people come back to visit us after they are dead or is it the 'living' that think that they do?

People can't yet read other peoples minds can they? If they could then this earth would be a terrible place to be, wouldn't you agree?

Our thoughts are our own, no one else's. Our dreams are our own, no one else's.

There are many 'types' of dreams, the internet lists range from 3 types to 5 types of dreams.

  • Normal Dreams

  • Daydreams

  • Lucid Dreams

  • False Awakening Dreams

  • Nightmares

The sorts of dreams we have range from 1 to 10 (probably about 100 in truth).

Here they are listed in no particular order but are classed as 'common'

  • Being chased

  • Unable to find a toilet

  • Teeth falling out

  • Being Naked

  • Failing exams

  • Flying

  • Falling

  • Crashing a car

There are many theories about 'why' we dream but are any of them right?

Some say it could be about our own experiences, so why do babies dream? Why do dogs dream? And, again, what do they dream about?

We can have dreams that last a minute or two or we can have dreams that seem to last all night, we can also be asleep and wake up inside our dreams, that's a weird one I can tell you.

We can do mundane tasks, everyday things like make the bed, do the washing, go for a walk. We can also do the most amazing things that we can't possibly do in 'real life', like ride half a car, shoot someone, sit on a cloud, silly things like that.

Think about it, how many people do we all know in life who would come back if they could to help us out, knowing the toils and troubles that we go through, we pray to them to help us, but they never do, do they?

I know the earth is getting very full now but just think about Heaven and Hell, if they existed, even I know that a soul doesn't take up much room, but those places must be getting quite full by now, don't you think?

My theory is a very simple one really, but not one that I've ever read about, I've looked it up on Google right from the beginning of Google first starting, maybe I'm not using the right search words, but I do know how to use Google....

There doesn't seem to have been a book, film or stage play about it, possibly because it it so far fetched and we don't understand it, but surely, someone else must have thought along these lines.

As we go along I hope to share with you some of my own dreams and why my Theory should be considered.

Think about it.......

We lay down and go to sleep, or sit in an armchair, or on a sofa or on a lounger in the garden with the sun shining on us, or on a blanket on the grass. We do the muscle spasm thingy (that seems to go away when you get older!) but we go to sleep..........

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