My Story - Catherine Jeannette Casey

Born 17th August 1951


My mum, Bertha Pricilla Casey, known as Cilla to everyone she knew, died at 93 years old, she had Dementia, she died not as the person we knew but as the person who didn’t even remember her own children and forgot the husband she loved so much even though he died when she was only 55.

I haven’t got the eight children she had, although I did want eight the same as mum and dad, and I don’t want to forget the wonderful life that I have had, I won’t have anyone to remind me of my life, so I wanted to write it all down, however mundane anyone else thinks it is. It is my story, my life, my hopes and dreams, please don’t let me forget. I hope someone helps me read this if I do ever get Dementia. Maybe they will have a cure before I get much older!

From Me to Me

Hello Cathy, it’s Cathy here, I want to help you through this time when you may feel more alone than you have ever felt in your life, I want to remind you that you have had the most wonderful life, you have been blessed, maybe not with the 8 children that you always wanted, but with a passion for life, with skills that you never knew existed, with dreams of what you can do and what you have done.

They say that every single person you meet leaves behind in you a little bit of them, this is so true, you know this and it has happened time after time in your life. There are people that you have helped, have helped you, there have been people that you will never forget, whether they forgot you immediately you were out of their lives is another matter, we won’t go there, we will go there later, much later.

Remember the first time you said to yourself “I want to write”, you have always wanted to write, but you haven't exactly had the sort of life that could be written about. No one in your family has ever written, you didn't even think your mum could read or write properly until she died and you read some of the poems she wrote for dad when he died, it made you cry, it made you sad. Her poems were all written very well, grammatically correct, the spelling was amazing, it even had commas and full stops in the right places, what a shock it was.

All you ever saw dad write were his betting slips!

Nothing really bad has ever happened to you, nothing spectacular either! Well not in the great scheme of things anyway, but you have had a good life, I like to think that generally it's been as good as anyone can expect, especially you.

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