How to Remember Dreams

OK that done, I still have no idea, as before, about dreaming and dreams, there are also many arguments for and against the ideas everyone else has so I’m not going there, how can I explain something that everyone is arguing about. It’s a bit like telling you that a film is good, or that a painting is amazing, it’s only my opinion, you might hate the film and think the painting is terrible, it doesn’t really matter who is right or wrong because we all are.

I personally have found a way to remember some of my dreams, I remember a lot of them when I wake up from them, then, as usual, they fade when life takes over.

My way of remembering is when I am concentrating on something mundane like drawing, which doesn’t take a lot of thought, unlike writing or programming or learning a new program.

I sit there just drawing, something that I have only been learning for a couple of years, something that I thought I would never ever do but that’s life, as they say.

Whilst sitting there drawing and not thinking, my brain seems to go into a trance with my dreams coming to the front of my mind, instead of at the back where they should be. If I then concentrate on that dream sequence I can remember the whole dream without much effort.

If, as some of the experts say, our dreams are made up of experience, why then would I be driving around the streets in a car that only has two wheels and is cut in half. I hasten to add that I am driving on the streets not the roads, the car is in half lengthwise, yet it is still functioning perfectly well even with passengers safely in their seat belts. Just to add some interest to this dream, it has happened many times in my life, I love driving, I’m not scared of the car falling apart because it obviously has an MOT. The two wheels could relate to being a passenger on motorbikes for most of my life, which I also love, but I never dream of being on motorbikes.

Again if, as some of the experts say, our experiences are our dreams, are new born babies dreaming of being born and watching their mummy’s go through, sometimes, hell, to have them and bring them into this world.

What would babies be dreaming of ‘every time they go into REM sleep’? Which the experts say that we all do (well at least 90% of us do)

My Theory of Dreams could actually answer this one question easily, but I’ll get to that one later, much later.

What makes some of us remember our dreams with a lot of us never remembering them even as we get woken up during the middle of a good dream? I’m not sure I can answer this one even though I talk to a lot of people about dreams.

There are also triggers throughout a day that make us remember a little bit of a dream, which I personally think we sometimes class as Déjà vu, which is French for "already seen," and it's just that - a sensation that something you're experiencing is something you've already experienced, someone said that Déjà vu is just your brain fact-checking that information. I actually believe in Déjà vu so I need to throw that one out of the window, but not just yet because I might even prove myself wrong with my new theory. It’s all to do with the front of your brain doing things that it doesn’t want you to remember because it’s not real. The front of my brain is always telling me not to believe things that happen but I really don’t believe it.

Why can’t we order our dreams? If we have a good dream like the one about the planes for me, why can’t I have that dream again, I really want to experience that dream again but I can’t.

And yet, why do we have dreams that we don’t like keep repeating themselves? It like the times when you start falling in your dream, you fall a long way but you must wake up before you reach the ground or you will die in your sleep!!

I personally have tested this theory, I have fallen to the floor, I have not specifically woken myself up but still I wake up or at least gain consciousness without forcing myself to do so.

This is not what you think, especially if you are looking for naughty dreams, that is not happening, although that might come later.

For a long while, every dream I had I was always getting into water at some point in the dream, even if I was in the middle of London, there would be a dockside with boats coming to pick me up, but to get into the boat I would have to get into the water, swim a way, climb aboard and everything would be fine.

I would be walking the dog along the grass field when, all of a sudden, I had to cross some water, it was too deep for me to jump, I had to get down the bank first, which was very steep, then get across the water, sometimes I met someone so I didn’t have to go across after all, I just went back the way I had come, all good.

I would be in a field which was growing something, I’ve no idea what, so I had to walk around the edge of the field, then I had to climb a very high wall, jump down and then have to cross low tide water.

These dreams came as no surprise to me, sometimes, even in my dream, I would say ‘oh come on, why have I got to do this yet again, I only did this the other night in another dream’, but still I have to do what I need to do to get to the end of the dream. In all of these dreams I might have been on my own or walking the dog, the dog never had to cross any water just me, she was always alright, sometimes she even spoke to me whilst this was all going on and I just laughed and told her that she couldn’t actually talk so she had to shut up.

I love having a bath, I have only got a shower where I now live, so why can’t I have a water dream where I’m having a lovely bath and not have to walk miles across fields to get to some water that I have to cross for no reason at all?

I never dream about it raining, or specifically sunny so that I can sunbathe. So life experience is really fading in my mind for the reasons of dreaming.

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