Each Mask has it's own Style

At the moment my material supplier cannot guarantee ink steadfastness so I will not be printing your photographs onto masks.  I am so sorry, but come back soon for an update. I can still do outlines with Rhinestones, so keep looking.

My Masks are all designed by me, 2 or 3 layers, pre-shrunk cotton is the top layer, printed by me, all Masks can be washed many times.  These masks shown on the model below can all be made by me for you.

These masks are mock ups, you will see the pictures change when I have created the actual mask.

It's not easy to advertise a mask that hasn't been made yet, I'm not in a position to make hundreds of masks and not sell them, but I am in a position to show you all what I can do, so I have simulated each mask onto my Model Head Sally, as soon as I make the actual mask I will then change the advert to show the actual mask.

Here is a sample of how I change a Photograph into a mask for you to wear.