Pat and Cathy circa 1956




       from a dream to reality...       

Pat and Cathy 2012

Hello New friends and Old Friends,


It's a very long story that I could tell you, all 69 years of it, but I won't bore you with all of it here, let's just say that I have loved my life, it has had it's ups and downs, the same as every single person on this planet of ours.  You might even get the story of my life on here a bit later.

There are things I would have wanted for myself, like children (I wanted 8 but had none!) and a decent man, like my Dad, to love me and cherish me, as he did my Mum.

I have always loved nature and have been interested in Photography and Creation even when I was in my pram, another story for later I think.  I had a wonderful childhood, I loved everyone, which made them love me, I still smile every day and wake up thanking god for my wonderful life, whatever it threw at me.

Someone, just the other day asked me in an email about myself, obviously didn't want to bore her to death so this is what I wrote.

" Wow, it's a very long story, 69 years worth lol, but here's the abridged version, started in computers when I was 14 as I did with Photography, I kept in computers all my life, as with photography, I never passed any exams at school (ever, not even the 11+) I can't do Maths but I'm now classed as a fairly good wordsmith, I've helped write books, I've written a few articles published in the Times (many years ago now). I have completed a course in Proofreading and used it for a lot of books that I have read, I can't read a book without proofreading it! Prince Philip told me never to change as I was wonderful as I am. I learned everything I know by reading Manuals, I learned to teach computers, I learned to create and make wedding dresses in the early 60's (I was kicked out of sewing class in school for asking 'stupid' questions), I made all my own weird clothes from the 50's to the 90's, when I then concentrated on Computing and Teaching, I became an ACE at Photoshop (Adobe Certified Expert) when it first came out, I dare not use the A.C.E. after my name because my family would only laugh at me.

I worked in Insurance (Believe me it is the most boring profession in the world) for over 30 years where I eventually helped people pass their Lloyd's exam after everyone told me I couldn't pass it myself, I did so and carried on teaching it to my workmates. I loved all my jobs, even if I didn't like the Companies I worked for, I helped so many people pass exams, it always made me feel good.


I made a few bad mistakes in Men, kicked them into touch and now enjoy my life living on my own, with the love of my life my little Lhasa Apso, Bailey, who is now 9 years old (this is 2020 to be known in history as the Covid 19 year).

I have always been very free with my experience, I just want to pass it on to anyone who will listen really.

Yours faithfully

Catherine Casey