Cathy Casey at 40
Cathy at 60

Now you know where my site name comes from.

100% for you

Smile Every Day

Cathy at 40

I love designing for you

I design for fun, I design when People need me to.

I used to design and make Wedding Dresses, lost all the photos when I left my Husband.  

I designed many of my own (weird) clothes.  Including a dress that I was dared to make out of Bin Liners (Yes Black ones!)

When I'm given flowers the first thing I think of is "will they help me take a decent Photograph?"

Cathy's Creation circa 1972
So Many Ideas

Our brains never stop working, mine more than most, I think of different ideas all the time, what to cook, how to cook it, what to draw, how to draw it, what to photograph, how to photograph it.

At this moment in time (2020 Covid 19) my thoughts are on Masks, there are so many out there, so I wanted something different (as usual for me).

The Masks I design have you in mind, my friend had a special birthday the other week, she gave me a piece of cake that her friend had made, so I took a photo of the cake and made a mask for her.

Time on My Hands

I didn't have much time on my hands when I worked, even though I had time to take my workmates out for Photography Lessons in the middle of The City of London.


When I retired, I was really stunned at how much time I didn't have for my hobbies and crafts, how on earth did I have the time when I worked.


One good thing about not having children is that I could always concentrate on me and not them (sounds selfish I know, but I would rather have had the kids).


The picture below was made by me in cross stitch in 1994, it took me 2 years to complete, without a pattern, I only had a picture that was found on the floor of a craft shop that was closing down. 

Embroidery -620f41a0.jpg