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My Photographs are about life, nature, changing times, Diversity is the word I use.


  About Me  

My name is Catherine Casey I have been a photographer for over 50 years,  a  Computer expert and teacher for over 40 years,  an A.C.E. (Adobe Certified Expert) for many years,  a  Crafter for 50 years, with 70 years of experience in life itself and still loving every minute of it.  I have personally designed this 'CKC Design' website, with you all in mind, just download and print any photograph on here or ask if it's not here.

It doesn't matter what the world throws at you, you can get through it, it might take some time but you get there in the end.  Good times and bad times are a bit like photographs, throw away the bad ones and keep the good ones close to you.    That's also a bit like people, you really don't need the bad ones so throw them out but the good ones can be kept forever.


Another lesson in life is to keep on learning, it really doesn't matter how old you are, you are never to old to learn something new.  I am just learning how to link Pinterest with this new website which will hold thousands of Photographs.  I hope you will wish me luck.


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