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I am selling my own stamp collection

Stamps -1994 - D-Day 25p
Stamps  1994 - Biggles

Philately (/fɪˈlætəli/fih-LAT-ə-lee) is the study of postage stamps and postal history. It also refers to the collection, appreciation and research activities on stamps and other philatelic products.


Philately involves more than just stamp collecting or the study of postage stamps; it is possible to be a philatelist without owning any stamps. For instance, the stamps being studied may be very rare or reside only in museums.

My Collection

Stamps -1994 Europa 25p
Stamps -1994_Xmas_30p
Stamps -1994 -D Dan 1st
Stamps -1994 Rabbit 1st
Stamps 1994 - ToPay set
1994_Trains_19p steam

I started collecting stamps at the same time as I started Photography, which was almost exactly the same time that I started my career in Computers.  They all finally came together many years later and now it's time to let my babies fly the nest.

I wanted 8 children, I never managed that miracle.

So I have at least 8 hobbies to make up for the not having babies.

My Biggest hobby, which kept me entertained for many hours, was my stamp collecting.

I worked for the Lovable Bra Company back when I was 14 years old.

I was the 'Post' Girl then and I loved every minute of it.  I used to open the mail every day, I just hated throwing away the envelopes with the beautiful stamps on, stamps from around the world, places that my Dad told me that I could never, in my wildest dreams, afford to go to.

When I showed an interest in collecting the stamps at work my Dad also told me that, as I would never have a pension (because I would be having babies and 8 would keep me at home) then the stamp collecting would be something for my 'old age'.

So, I collected the stamps and also went to the Post Office and bought 'sets' of stamps when I could afford them, the simple fact that I only earned a pittance, I smoked back then, and Mum and Dad also had 8 kids to keep so most of my money went to them, made it almost impossible to collect stamps properly.

When I 'played' with my stamps, I would look up the countries that were depicted, try to find out all about the places and then put the stamps into albums, writing the information of each one down as I collected them.

I can't remember how many hours I spent 'playing' with my stamps (which, for a girl, was very unusual even in those days) but it was a lot of hours I can tell you that.

Stamps PNC Valour 2x 50p
Stamps Workers Tale FDC